$11,095.00 / month

The National Program is designed for those select practices that would like to market on a nationwide level. This program starts with a bundle of 10 interactive programs in strategic areas across the country; including the creation and management of one primary corporate site as well as nine additional satellite programs to maximize geolocation, natural listings, and social media marketing opportunities across the country. Tolero will manage all aspects of the programs for you. See details below…



Custom, Responsive Website
Tolero will make a comprehensive website created with dedicated domain name, mobile responsive design, integrated search engine optimization, integrated geolocation, search engine optimized text, licensed imagery, SSL encryption, and more for you to use. Tolero will provide all general information, text and imagery. Client will be responsible for providing any personal images (i.e. pictures of owner, staff, office, etc…) and personal text (i.e. resume, custom text on proprietary techniques, etc…). We will continue to update website functionality and responsive features as technology continues to change.

Please note that we do create a complete website from scratch. We do this to ensure that the domain name, coding, text and imagery meets search engine optimization requirements, geolocation requirements, customer conversion guidelines, and is free of malware and coding errors. We can migrate some text, concepts, or information from an old website if applicable but will not replicate features or text that does not meet our guidelines. We can only use imagery that includes proof of ownership or license for use.

Custom Icon and Image Logo
Tolero will create a custom, web-ready, icon and logo for the website. The graphics will be created with SEO, mobile responsive technology and website analytics in mind. Each graphic will be created in different sizes (approximately 13 different sizes) and formats to seamlessly integrate between platforms (including sizes for primary social media platforms). We may be able to use an existing icon and/or logo if they meet our requirements and, if not, we may to be to create a website logo and icon that closely resemble an existing logo and/or icon.

Business Identity
With this program, Tolero will create custom templates for use with your business identity. Templates include the layout and graphics for business cards. The graphic will be formatted and intended for use via self or professional printing (i.e. Moo.com or VistaPrint.com). Initial design plus 1 redesign are included.

High Speed Server Hosting
Your program will be hosted on a high speed server. Hosting includes high speed cloud server, redundancy, managed firewall, bandwidth and backup performance utilization, managed data backups and restores, DDoS mitigation, server virus scanning, automated updates, and 24/7 monitoring.

SSL Encryption
Tolero provides each program a dedicated SSL Certificate with 256 bit encryption and authentication and 4096 bit key length. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser and ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

This program includes a Multi Domain SSL and allows you to include up to 1 additional domain name (with www and without www) to be forwarded and masked to the URL provided by Tolero. The multi domain SSL will ensure that the primary site as well as traffic driven by your additional domain name are secured by SSL Encryption. For example, tolerodomainname.com and JohnSmithLegal.com will display the same site information, will keep and show their domain names in the address bar, and will be SSL encrypted. Thus, helping to ensure that existing and new traffic will have a seamless experience.

Secure Communication

  • 1 Secure Contact Form
  • 3 Additional Forms (i.e. reviews, appointments, etc…)

Secure Email Account
Tolero includes 1 encrypted Microsoft Exchange email account. This email account ensures secure communication between the website and server, Tolero and you, and you and your clients. Additional encrypted Microsoft Exchange email accounts are available for $20 per month per account. We will help you set up and will manage any additional email accounts that you purchase.

Phone Number
Tolero includes one local phone number for the website. This number automatically forwards to your office number for seamless communication. This number allows us to track how many clients contact you directly via phone from the website.

Search Engine Optimization
Tolero will utilize passive and active search engine optimization throughout the design and marketing process. We will continue to update our code and practices so that the marketing remains optimized even as technology and search engine algorithms continue to change.

Support Requests
This program includes up to 3 support requests per month. Support requests can be used to request text and graphic adds/moves/changes. Examples include the addition of an article, change of a team member, coupon graphic request, etc. Each support request is the equivalent of approximately 20 minutes of work. Additional support requests can be purchased for $20 per request.

Ad Graphics Requests
This program includes up to 2 custom ad graphic requests per month. Ad graphic requests can be used to request custom images and graphics. Examples include the creation of promotional ads, new business card templates, print ads, logo changes, and more. Each ad graphic request is the equivalent of approximately 1 hour of work. Additional ad graphic requests can be purchased for $120 per request.

Customer Reviews and/or Testimonials
Tolero will install and/or migrate over customer reviews that your clients have written for you and your business. The website will also link to review sections in social networking accounts via dedicated code to maximize customer interaction.

With this program, Tolero will manage all customer reviews and communication. We will validate positive reviews and consult you for feedback on negative reviews before responding appropriately.

Social Networking Integration (Articles and Graphics)
This program includes the update and/or creation of no less than 5 business based social media accounts, directory accounts and local networking accounts. Tolero will create and install the brand associated imagery, company Impressum (aka statement of ownership and mission), and service descriptions for each account.

Tolero will post 4 unique items (a combination of articles and graphics or promotional posts) each month to the primary website and/or each social networking account.

With this program, Tolero will manage all social networking accounts, up to 100 communications per month. We will actively invite followers and/or friends, respond to comments, pass on reviews, and encourage interaction. We will forward on any social networking leads or personalized comments.


A Bundle of 10 Interactive, Complete Programs Targeted Across the Country
The National Program was designed as a solution for those select practices that would like to market on a nationwide level while still benefiting from complete website management, social media management, and marketing. To maximize exposure, it includes a main company site plus 9 additional programs strategically located across the country. Each additional program is focused solely on a specific location and includes everything described in the Complete Program with text, keywords, optimization, and marketing dedicated to the specific area.

This strategy provides multiple opportunities to maximize geolocation, natural listings, and social media marketing opportunities across the country. Because of the complexities involved with the focus and creation of the program, all National Programs require a consultation prior to consideration.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional satellite program can be added at $1,095 per month per program seat. Let us know if you are interested in adding additional seats to your program.