“2 Years of Growth…”

“2 years of solid practice growth and still growing. I started with Tolero 2 years ago. My practice was doing ok but I wanted to do better and knew I needed some help standing out. The whole team at Tolero is amazing but it was really Kimberly and Michael who have earned my loyalty. They are extremely knowledgeable and honest and have hired some great help: designers, social media experts, graphics artists and website code experts that all make everything look easy. In the beginning, I asked a ton of questions and they were always patient with me and explained the reasoning behind some the web design they created, why I needed facebook and twitter pages for my practice (I am not a big social media fan), why new article posts are important, why my logo had to be revamped, and so much more. After bombarding them in the beginning, I have now stepped back completely. They really know what they are doing and are good at it. They allow me to concentrate on what I am good at; taking care of my patients. This is my most profitable year yet and I am still growing. Choosing Tolero was one of the best decisions I ever made for my practice.” ~ Confidential

Out of respect for our clients who are at differing stages of practice growth and have varying needs of confidentiality, all client contact information is kept private.

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